Young Jackfruit Curry

2 min

How to Make Young Jackfruit Curry - Jackfruit Curry Recipe

Jackfruit Curry

How to Make Young Jackfruit Curry. Jackfruit Curry Recipe. Jackfruit is the largest tree fruit in the world. Depending on maturity of the fruit, it can be cooked in different ways, including this fragrant curry.

time for prep

Prep: 30 mins
Cook: 2 hr


Serves 6 - 8


  • You will need kitchen gloves and paper towel for preparing the jackfruit.
  • If young jackfruit isn’t available, you can use 1 kg of drained canned young jackfruit in brine instead, which will reduce cooking time.
  • Sri Lankan raw curry powder is available at specialist grocers. Alternatively, spice mix recipes can be found online.
  • Goraka is a sour tripical fruit sometimes called brindleberry or Malabar tamarind. It can be found at most Indian abnd Sri Lankan grocery stores. Substutute tamarind paste.

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