The Northman 2022

Prince Amleth is on the verge of becoming a man when his father is brutally murdered by his uncle, who kidnaps the boy’s mother. Two decades later, Amleth is now a Viking who raids Slavic villages. He soon meets a seeress who reminds him of his vow — save his mother, kill his uncle, avenge his father.

  • Release date: April 22, 2022 (USA)
  • Director: Robert Eggers
  • Adapted from: Amleth
  • Production companies: Focus Features, Universal Pictures, MORE
  • Producers: Alexander Skarsgård, Robert Eggers, Arnon Milchan, Lars Knudsen, Mark Huffam
  • Screenplay: Robert Eggers, Sjón

The Northman 2022 Sinhala Subtitle Download

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