Things To Do or What To See in Batticaloa

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Things To Do or What To See in Batticaloa. Most Beautiful places near Batticaloa Sri Lanka. What to see and Things To do in Batticaloa City.

Batticaloa is a major city in the Eastern Province, Sri Lanka, and its former capital. It is the administrative capital of the Batticaloa District. The city is the seat of the Eastern University of Sri Lanka and is a major commercial city.

1. Dutch fort, Batticaloa

Dutch fort, Batticaloa

The Batticaloa Fort was built by the Portuguese in 1628 and was captured by the Dutch on 18 May 1638. From 1745, the fort was used by the British. The fort has a structure of four bastions and is protected by the Batticaloa Lagoon on two sides and a canal on the other two sides.

2. Batticaloa Lighthouse

Batticaloa Lighthouse

Batticaloa Lighthouse is a lighthouse in Sri Lanka, situated near the estuary in Palameenmadu. It was built in 1913 and is 28 meters high.

3. New Kallady Bridge

New Kallady Bridge

Kallady Bridge is a road bridge in eastern Sri Lanka. It crosses the Batticaloa Lagoon at Batticaloa. The bridge is part of the A4 Colombo-Batticaloa highway.

4. Batticaloa Gate

Batticaloa Gate

Batticaloa Gate is monument, which was used as port to connect Puliyanthivu with the mainland of Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. The place believed as landing site of Rev. William Ault, who was the first Methodist missionary to Batticaloa, in 1814. His statue can be seen closer to the Batticaloa Gate.

5. Batticaloa Beach

Things To Do or What To See in Batticaloa -

6. Mahatma Gandhi Park-Batticaloa,

Mahatma Gandhi Park-Batticaloa

7. Sri Mangalarama Raja Maha Viharaya

Sri Mangalarama Raja Maha Viharaya

8. Gayathri Amman Temple

Gayathri Amman Temple

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